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We provide daily tours, for a maximum of 12 participants, for wine-tasting in and around Napa in an LGBTQ-friendly setting. Come experience Wine Country the Absolutely Fabulous way!

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Welcome to Absolutely Fabulous Tours – Where Being
Yourself is a Virtue.

We are a wine-savoring, merrymaking travel company specializing in fun, all-inclusive wine tours in the Napa Valley. We facilitate travel in the wine country like no one else can–for EVERYONE. You don’t have to know a thing about wine or Napa, but whether you do or not, you’ll learn something new and have a fabulous time in the process. If you’re looking for the most fun and entertaining wine tour around, this is it. And, best of all, whether you’re 21 or 81; introverted or extraverted; from Indiana or India; straight or gay;  left, right or middle; have a wine cellar or don’t know the difference between a wine glass and a brandy snifter; we are here for you! We want to celebrate great wine, great food, the beauty of the wineries and vineyards with you. If you’ve recently wed, enjoying a big birthday, or just want to get away for the day, we will transport you on a fully-engaging, welcoming tour.

We strive to design tours that are educational, spirituous, captivating and most importantly –fun and memorable. We also make our tours very convenient for you – on your tour day, we will pick you up at your hotel, B&B, residence or central location in Napa (for example Ox Bow Market, for those who drive in to Napa). We can also arrange for San Francisco pick-ups and drop-off’s for an additional fee and on some occasions can even accommodate a Vallejo ferry pick-up & drop-off. While that spells booking sooner than soon, if you don’t find a tour on your special day, do call us and we’ll try our best to make it happen. Your tour with us is 100% customizable!

You can speak to a human anytime to book a tour, or get answers to any and all questions by calling (707) 320-8043. You may also mail us at sue@absolutelyfabuloustours.com with booking requirements or queries.

All Day Group Join-in Tour price – $98.00.  Competitive group rates available as well.  Give us a call!

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Get Your Wine and Nature On!

ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS TOURS is perfect for anyone who loves to have FUN, drink during the day, explore, and meet FABULOUS people. We believe you shouldn’t take yourself so seriously here in wine country. We’d much rather kick back with a great glass of vino amongst friends as opposed to standing around busy tasting rooms yapping about the Judgment of Paris and what you’re “supposed” to do and how you’re “supposed” to act here in wine country. We say screw that! Come one, come all: get the heck out of the city or where ever you come from and come to wine country as yourself and come get your WINE and NATURE on!

Absolutely Fabulous demands you be yourself while you learn and taste the best that the wine country has to offer.  Being owned by a Napkin (Napa local), we are connected to a whole array of resident winemakers, who, along with their teams (and sometimes their 4-legged babes) will always welcome you with arms wide open.  Being run by the absolutely fabulous Suzi Jacuzzi, means all will have a great time. We make sure everyone feels welcome be you red, white and blue; rainbow; aries or scorpio; LGBT, straight; carnivore or herbivore; athlete, couch potato or otherwise. Who ever you are, how ever you are, we love ya.  Meet us with your special someone, hop on alone, or bring along an army of revelers; we ensure an intimate yet social experience as any a wine tour could be.


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About AbFab Tours

Absolutely Fabulous Tours is your perfect getaway partner to experience Napa just like everybody else, in your skin and flesh and everything else.

Whether your urban lungs need an oxygen fix or your tastebuds beg for a marriage of exotic flavors, whether you need a cozy getaway with your partner or you demand a loud proclamation of mutual love or you are one helluva bubbly with an insatiable need for the wild and outrageous; we do it all and we do it like you always wanted to.

If you are a dozen or less, and want a memorable wine-tasting experience and an even more lively escape route from the city to the rolling hills, we are open for bookings.

And just so you know…we are real. We are splashy and fun. While you are here, do spend some time reading about who we are, what drives us, why our tours are designed to stand out, how much, how many, how often and everything else that will serve as your insider’s perspective of totally entertaining travel in the wine country. We are FUN and open to all ages (over 21); carnivore / omnivore / herbivore – loving; straight-friendly, LGBT-friendly, whatever-friendly; and ready to show you a great time! We are Absolutely Fabulous!

See you soon,
Sue Steirer (aka: Suzi Jaccuzi)

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Is Everybody Welcome?

Must you be a wine expert to enjoy an Absolutely Fabulous Tour?

ABSOLUTELY not!!! We believe diversity and inclusion is the spice of life, so come one, come all! In fact, you’ll find that an ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS TOUR is filled with young, old, gay, straight, professional, pierced, black, white, sometimes 4 legged, but most importantly FABULOUS folks, who happen to want to explore the wide world of wine! This is the beauty of the Bay Area, and we say get the heck out of the city and come to wine country and get your WINE and NATURE on! You belong here too!

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Shaping Napa

“As one of the top-rated tour guides for another one of Napa Valley’s premier tour companies, I’ve painfully witnessed my LGBTQ guests hesitate to come out and be themselves. Sadly, I’ve had guests stop short of sharing their partners, recent marriages and other celebrations for fear of not feeling welcome with in the tour group or wineries. As a member of the LGBTQ community and local Napkin (Napa resident) myself, I can assure you that Napa actually has a thriving LGBTQ community. There are many of us committed to helping change the perception of the Valley. My business transforms Napa into what we all know it can and should be: inclusive for all visitors as well as our entire local community.

– Sue Steirer, Owner, Absolutely Fabulous Tours

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Absolutely Fabulous Animals

At AbFab Tours, we care about animals.

That is why we plan on donating at least 5% of every tour to an animal welfare organization.

“As someone who’s always been sensitive to the plight of animals from a young age, it has always been important to me to give a portion of my time and money to helping these voiceless creatures. I’ve worked closely with all kinds of animals through the years ranging from dogs, cats, horses, frogs, chickens, birds to zebras and elephants. That is why I knew when I started this company that we ABSOLUTELY had to help the worlds FABULOUS animals.”

– Sue Steirer, Owner, Absolutely Fabulous Tours

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I loved Sue’s wine tour!  I don’t have a lot of experience wine tasting, but I learned so much and never felt intimidated.  Most importantly, Sue made the tour so much FUN!  She gave us an insider’s tour of Napa Valley through 4 different wineries, including an amazing boutique winery (Page Cellars) and barrel tasting with the winemaker Brian Page, a chocolate/wine pairing, and a cheese and meat pairing.  Throughout the tour, Sue did an amazing job at anticipating our needs, from providing great box lunches and keeping us hydrated to collecting our purchases and keeping the van cool.  She even provided music and costumes for a mini party in the tour van!  If you want an incredible wine tour experience with a knowledgeable and outgoing tour guide, go with Sue!
Mindy Y. Rohnert Park, CA


Tour Diva Extraordinaire

Suzi Jacuzzi

For a good time call… Suzi Jacuzzi is first and foremost fabulous. She is on a continual search for better, more fabulous wineries and wine experiences FOR YOU. She is your personal party host and will not rest until she is sure you’ve had the most fabulous wine tour of your life. In her free time, Suzi enjoys long walks thru the vineyards drinking loads of bubbly, jacuzzi parties sipping wine under the Napa stars, dancing, connecting with fabulous people, backup dancing and over all just being fabulous.

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Sue Steirer

Sue is a nice girl from Ohio, who loves art, music, people, adventure and the California climate and lifestyle. She volunteers with Napa County Wild Life Rescue and Napa County Animal Shelter, (as it’s her goal to one day have her own animal sanctuary). Sue runs a gay and lesbian meetup group in Napa Valley, and loves hiking, swimming, biking, snow boarding, rock-climbing, DJing and playing golf–Oh, and on the side, she runs Absolutely Fabulous Tours.

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Why Choose Us

We are the most fun, informed and inclusive.
No other tour company in wine country caters specifically to the LGBTQ community and its allies, while proving top-notch wine education and off-the-hook fun to ANYONE no matter who you are or where you come from.

We are a join-in daily tour.
A “join in” means strangers + wine = BFFs by the end of the tour and a FABULOUS time!
AbFab builds community.
By the mere presence of this company, LGBTQ folks have a home in wine country.

We are stewards of our environment and animals.
In addition to donating 5% of every tour to animal welfare organizations, our Web site is 100% wind powered and we are working toward adopting sustainable operations.


“The tour was just perfect and Sue was a wonderful host.” – Mandy

“She’s the best, had a great time!” – Doug

“The tour was great and Sue was flat out amazing.” - David